1. Connect to Facebook
The first step after installing Drop N Sync is to connect it to your Facebook user. Without the connection, Drop N Sync will not be able to download or upload images from and to Facebook.


2. Set the albums you wish to sync

Now that you are connected to Facebook, you need to choose which albums to download and sync with your Facebook account. You can choose between downloading all your albums and photos, no albums at all or just select the relevant albums for you.

3. Set additional options
With Drop N Sync you can also download your tagged photos from your friends’ albums. It is also recommended that you will run Drop N Sync on start-up in order to always be up to date with all your photos.
4. Upload Images and albums to Facebook
Once you are connected to Facebook, Drop N Sync will automatically download your albums to your computer. If you want to upload new albums or photos, go to your Drop N Sync folder by clicking on the Facebook icon in your system tray, or click on the Drop N Sync icon on your desktop.
In the Drop N Sync folder, create a new directory or copy a directory full of photos. The name of the directory will be the album name on Facebook. The album settings screen will open automatically once a new directory is created.


Easy Ways on How to Boost Your Online Business


Many invest their time and effort ton building up and developing an online business these days, especially since it is a fast and convenient way of creating a money making opportunity from scratch without having to deal with the hassles of creating a physical shop and which will require a few online marketing techniques like or hiring a website creator. Needless to say, there are plenty of ways in which can be assured that your online business is able to prosper the way you would like it to as long as you take note of a few helpful reminders.


Deliver a Direction

As you begin to bring into reality your online business, you may have one or more ideas in mind and these may all end up to be very overwhelming for you to deal with as you go along with creating everything especially when it comes to your initial ideal of a web page for your brand. Before you even get to that point of having way too many ideas that you get off course, be sure that you have a particular direction that you would like to achieve with your online business, as this will save you a lot of unnecessary effort and really bring everything into focus for your brand.

Practice Precision

You may have more than one idea to help bring your brand into life and that does not seem at all bad but also having way too many details laid out may not garner your brand enough recognition in the online world, so you have to be certain that you take hold of a particular idea and bring in the focus to that as your business begins. When you get to the point of having enough convincing prowess that your avid consumers and clients have been able to identify you and your brand for what you are worth, then that is when you can get out of what has been comfortable for your brand and charter onto something new.


Have a Fresh Start

It cannot be denied that there are literally a ton of different businesses and companies out there but there are still times when one brand turns up to be very similar with others and so you have to strive to become a cut above the rest and be sure to showcase something that will make your brand one of a kind and one that can start up as something quite new even if it really is not, to say the least. Look into that possibility of delivering a product or service that is specifically one that you will be identified with even though it may not be totally original, consider recognizing that it will come into play as a signature that only your brand will be able to deliver to your market and stick with it as a come on for the years ahead.


Get Others On Board

It does not matter if it is a review you saw online or an actual comment from a consumer, being able to look into actual and real resources to help you create an online business that will cater to your market will require you to get all of these outside resources settled out into a decent plan. All you need is enough patience and skill on research and you will surely be able to point out the specific ideas that will get you enough of a boost in turning your brand into something that everyone will support, purchase and invest on.